Women’s Soccer Team Scores a Spot at Nationals!

Lance Klemple, Contributing Writer

With a running seven streak win, MCC’s Women’s Soccer team secured their spot at Nationals on June 4th in Evans, Georgia at 9 am.  The event will be live-streamed on the NJCAA website.

Calm and cool, Coach Jeff Lohman described this year’s team as, “the most balanced team I’ve seen so far.” Though it has been a complicated year due to the COVID pandemic, Lohman cited the girls’ strengths being, “hard work and resiliency” that keeps the team scoring time after time.

Isabela Marquez, position forward and midfield for the Jayhawks, reminisced on just how crazy this year has been for her. “We have spent about 15 months together online… Through this madness, we have kept each other sane.” Marquez expressed her gratitude for her team, adding, “We are all so thankful our hard work has paid off.”

Not only has the women’s soccer team worked hard to get to where they are, but 12 out of the 13 sports teams at MCC have secured their spot in Nationals at NJCAA! “It’s a good time for MCC with sports, school, and providing resources both emotionally and academically,” Lohman described over the phone. Despite a challenging year from shutdowns to health concerns due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the Jayhawks know when to push their teams’ full throttle. 2021 is the year to get excited and to go all out.

“We are so excited to represent the mitten down in Georgia!” Marquez added, brimming with excitement. While other teams are resting, Jayhawks are ready for the fight! Support the Jayhawk’s Women’s Soccer Team by watching the live stream on the NJCAA website on June 4th starting at 9 am: https://www.njcaa.org/network