MCC Female Student-Athlete of the Year is Jordyn Carlyle

Carlyle reflects on the season, team, and honorable award

Hayley O'Brien, Contributing Writer

They say a strong team can accomplish anything, and this rings true with MCC’s very own female volleyball team. The team is a close-knit group that supported each other through a season of unexpected circumstances, and their accomplishments reflect their strength. Jordyn Carlyle shares, “Without my team and my coaches, I would not be where I am.” And, where she has gotten could be no easy feat. Carlyle is MCC’s female student-athlete of the year and she took some time to share just how much has gone into getting her that title. From her own perseverance to the love of support of those around her Carlyle is very grateful for her team, her title, all that has gotten her to where she is.

Carlyle found volleyball at a young age through the hands of her sister. Branching into her own determination she would grow to join a team of her own. “To me being on a team is one of the best feelings, being able to have someone next to you to pick you up and bring your confidence back is everything,” Carlyle explained. She worked diligently over the years and made her way onto the team here at MCC. She explained how this year in particular showed her just what her goals were and how to reach them and again her team was at her side. “This year [the team] really held each other accountable for everything,” she stated.

When asked about her award Carlyle shared how much it meant to her. “Getting female athlete of the year is one of the biggest accomplishments I have ever gotten.” Carlyle wanted to pinpoint how it was not only about earning the award but how it was about earning it as a woman. “If you get into it, females work just as hard or harder to get where we are and just to be recognized in general, and to get this award really feels like a relief that all the hard work we put in has paid off…” Carlyle is sadly now leaving her team at MCC but is moving forward to find a new one at Aquinas College and in reflection, she shares, “My two years playing at MCC were the best two years and I am forever grateful for the opportunity to play collegiately.”