Kicking it out of Left Field: Lady Jayhawks finish season strong

Lance Klemple, Contributing Writer

Between headbutts that bounced the soccer ball around to booming field kicks, MCC’s Jayhawks women’s soccer team faced off against Phoenix College Bears on June 4th in the NJCCA Nationals. Jayhawks held up a forceful defense and star keeper, Rachel Wienclaw, denied 13 out of the 14 goal shots against the Bears. With only four minutes of the game remaining, the 14th goal shot by the Bears was successful, making the ending score 1-0, Bears lead.

Jeff Lohman, head coach of the girls’ soccer team at MCC, said, “The girls were stressed going into the game, but I was comfortable.” Lohman felt sure that the Jayhawks were prepared against the Bears, who he noted was a “very athletic” team. Lohman stressed the team’s strategy was to catch the Bears in overtime with a strong defense, which the Jayhawks nearly followed through with. The team had also watched the Bears play practice games before their official match so they could better prepare. Though the Jayhawks lost by a single point, they were not worried.

“Having a one-goal loss is good since the last game is goal differential,” said Lohman.  By having the Jayhawks’ last game be goal differential, their final game against Waubonsee Community College on June 5th (2-2) turned out to be a win rather than a tie. The Jayhawks stuck to their plan and made it work for them.

“I don’t think we held anything back and we really proved what we can do out there,” said player Isa Marquez. After the Jayhawks lost their first game, Marquez felt sure their next game would be better, and she was right. “There’s nothing holding us back,” she said, “we’ll come back tomorrow not just as strong, but stronger.”

Jayhawk’s final season score is now a 10-2, with their only losses coming from Division III National Champion Delta College and top-ranked Phoenix College.