MCC Women’s Soccer Team on a Roll going into Second Round of National Tournament

Aaron Petersen, Contributing Editor

With the postseason now underway, the Muskegon Community College women’s soccer team, with a 15-3-1 record, will look to keep up their relentless momentum with championship aspirations in mind.  

Our goal is always very simple,” said Jeff Lohman, Head Coach of the women’s soccer team, when asked what his goals were beyond just winning a title. “It is to be better today than we were yesterday. We try to focus on continual self-improvement and to develop strong women who will succeed in life. So, towards that end, we truly don’t know if our season was a success for many years down the road.” 

With a respectable 7-1 record on the road, the Jayhawks scored 96 goals, second within the MCCAA during the regular season. They also led the league during the regular season in shot percentage with an impressive .423 on 227 shots attempted. Three players for MCC were nominated to the NJCAA All-Region XII Women’s Soccer Team.  

 “Soccer-wise, I think our team is very balanced,” said Lohman. “We don’t have a super-star that we have to rely on for success. The talent is pretty widespread throughout the team so opponents can’t really key in on one or two players.” 

Lohman, who has compiled a 67-42-3 record since his arrival to the program in 2015 and was nominated 2021 NJCAA All-Region XII Women’s Soccer Coach of the Year, hopes that this playoff run will leave an everlasting mark on his players, but he wishes that the lessons taught extend beyond the field. 

“We want our players to go off and be difference-makers in the world around them,” he explained. “It’s just a passion of mine to teach more than soccer throughout the season. We want our players to be giraffes and to be willing to stick their necks out to make things happen (that’s why all of our players carry around a stuffed giraffe throughout the season).” 

The team, after defeating Northeast Community College Tigers of Nebraska 2-0 at the NJCAA Division I National Championship Tournament, will look to keep up their momentum facing the second-seeded Jones College Bobcats of Mississippi in Pool B of the tournament in Wichita, Kansas today at 2:30 pm.