Cejai Johnson is a regular contributor to The Bay Window. Johnson is a digital game development major at MCC who also studies computer software and music composition.

Lance Klemple is a regular contributor to The Bay Window, as well as vice president of MCC’s English Honors Society. He loves to flex his creative muscles by writing, playing games, and having engaging conversations with people. With pen and paper in hand, he’s always on the lookout for a hot story.

Aaron Petersen is a regular contributor to The Bay Window, whose passions include technical and business writing. Peterson plans to transfer to Grand Valley State University to pursue a bachelor’s degree in writing. Until then, he intends to remain a passionate contributing writer for The Bay Window, providing informative, concise, and detailed campus news.

Kaelyn Sourya is an early college student at MCC. Sourya is studying biology and hopes to minor in English after transferring to a four year. She enjoys reading and writing which inspire her to create articles for The Bay Window.

Jarett Wall is a freshman at MCC. Whose passions include political journalism. He plans on transferring to Michigan next year to pursue a bachelor’s degree in political science.

Hayley O’Brien is a junior in high school enrolled at MCC as an early college student. She plans to transfer to GVSU and receive a bachelor’s in legal studies. She enjoys music, art, reading, writing, and is passionate about the liberal arts.


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L. Klemple, Contributor
C. Johnson, Contributor
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