MCC moves to Phase 5

On-campus mask requirement is now optional for fully vaccinated

Kaelyn Sourya, Contributing Writer

Within just a month from switching to Phase 4 of the MCC Campus Plan to Reunite, MCC has moved to the current status of Phase 5 on June 14th. From Phase 4 to 5, the in-person classes and student services expand (on a limited basis), including social distancing regulations. However, on Tuesday, June 22nd, the President of Muskegon Community College, Dr. Dale Nesbary, announced that the on-campus mask requirement is now optional for fully vaccinated individuals.

Additionally, the Health and Wellness Center and Library will be opening, student organizations or study groups may meet, face-to-face tutoring and testing appointments are allowed, and new students and employees will be returning to campus. “Moving to Phase 5 of the MCC Plan to Reunite is another step in bringing us all together, physically and virtually, as a college community,” said Kelley Conrad, Vice President of Academic Affairs at Muskegon Community College.

The unity that the transition to Phase 5 will bring also eases the shift to reach the goal of returning to new normal operations in Phase 6.

“MCC was one of a select number of colleges to be asked by the White House and US Department of Education to be a launch partner in the COVID-19 College Vaccine Challenge to help end the pandemic,” said Dr. John Selmon, Muskegon Community College’s Provost/Executive Vice President.

With no current active COVID cases on campus, efforts to keep the community safe include several opportunities: individuals are able to share “Why I Got My Shot” stories, student leaders can be more engaged around campus, and student voices will be lifted in MCC’s College Vaccine Challenge, according to Selmon. “MCC also serves as a Digital Education Ambassador to spread accurate information about the COVID-19 vaccine per the request of Governor Whitmer and the Michigan Department of Health and Human Services,” Selmon concluded.