U.S. Equal Employment Opportunity Commission: Companies can require COVID-19 Vaccine

MCC strongly urges vaccination; will continue to provide vaccination and testing clinics

Kaelyn Sourya, Contributing Writer

Amongst the increase in vaccinations and hopeful return to normalcy, employers are legally authorized to make employee vaccination mandatory. According to the U.S. Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC), these updates allow employers to incentivize, inform, or require employees to be fully vaccinated from COVID-19. But, will this apply to Muskegon Community College?

As a Vaccine Champion College that hosts multiple vaccine clinics and offers a plethora of resources to stay informed on COVID-19, Muskegon Community College will only strongly encourage vaccinations.

“We [MCC staff] have done over the past 6-7 months, a number of things on campus to inform employees about vaccinations,” said Dr. Dale Nesbary, President of Muskegon Community College. “These procedures – such as holding vaccination and testing clinics, distributing new information to staff and faculty, and offering opportunities whenever possible – will continue to be done at MCC.”

MCC even offers incentives from t-shirts and Christmas ornaments, to the opportunity to share “Why I Got My Shot” stories.

“The free t-shirts were a big hit and people were amazed to see the inside of the Health and Wellness Center,” noted Dr. John Selmon, Provost/Executive Vice President of Muskegon Community College. “MCC staff work together to make these events possible.”

“We are going beyond what the CDC and state of Michigan require: we require anyone on campus to wear a mask and social distance,” added Nesbary. “Currently, there are weekly surveys for MCC employees to meet and/or share information on COVID-19 protocols.”

Along with the daily health screening protocols, MCC’s Administration will not be requiring any other procedures with these vaccination policies. Selmon concluded the COVID-19 Response Team will provide input to MCC’s Administration to update the rules when needed.