The Hidden Agenda: How Companies have Profited from LGBTQ Individuals to Secretly Support Anti-queer Agendas

Hayley O'Brien, Contributing Writer

All is fair in the game for political righteousness, but just how much of that support is real? As Pride has come into its highlight in 2021 companies have begun to host their support to the community. From positive Tweets to fundraisers for donations to struggling LGBTQ youth many companies use their publicity for good. However, it is important to remember how easily their words could be just for show.

In the past year, companies who claim to be LGBTQ friendly have turned around and donated profits from year-round sales, as well as direct profit from Pride-related sales, to anti-LGBTQ organizations and politicians. It is the ability to hide behind their claims on social media and their half-handed support that makes it crucial for consumers to truly look at the companies, and people, they are indirectly supporting.

This is not a new issue for the LGBTQ community. Companies have been exposed for openly homophobic and transphobic actions in the past., debatably the most well-known of these institutions being Chick-fil-A and Hobby Lobby. A magnitude of queer creators has exposed not only the subtle oppressive connotations behind their movements but also the proven financial support of anti-queer organizations of both of these companies. This news spread fast, and the businesses have been heavily affected because of it. The boycotts against Chick-fil-A became a sign of solitude for LGBTQ Americans years ago when allegations of direct discrimination originally occurred. Additionally, in early 2020 an uproar against Hobby Lobby took place as their affiliation with many controversial acts led to thousands of dollars of lost revenue as people began to ‘borrow’ things from their stores nationwide. As each corrupt connection is exposed and karma is given people begin to notice those who seem to speak no evil can definitely show it other ways.

Every day more information is exposed, and more knowledge is shared in regard to just how big brands spend their money. Coincidently the call to action within the LGBTQ community is no longer as quiet as it once was and as more corrupt companies are caught in their ways there are more consumers, both members of the LGBTQ community and those who support them, who have quickly switched their spending habits. Most likely because it is painfully obvious that people would rather support those who support them than buy an overpriced chicken sandwich. So, next time you go to purchase a shirt, or a meal, or anything at all, look into where that money may truly end up because you might just change your mind.