Secrets of a published teen author


Lance Klemple, Contributing Writer

“Nepeta glanced across at Sumac. The sage’s eyes were wide. ‘It’s just a story? Isn’t it?’ she asked. The sage shook his head. “No. No, it’s not just a story. Well, it’s a story, but a true one.’ Tilia, Thunja, Willow, and Pepper leaned closer, transfixed by their sage’s words. ‘I knew her; name was Celestrina. She was always far wiser than her years. Yes, friends, the silver fox was real.’”

-Excerpt from The Creatures of Crystal Wood, Book 1: Secrets of the Silver Fox


With manuscripts the size of a Stephen King novel, author Iris Replogle has written 6 books and counting – all with pencil and paper. And at just 15-years-old, Replogle’s debut novel, The Creatures of the Crystal Wood Book 1: Secrets of the Silver Fox has just been published and is available for purchase on Amazon.

“We are amazed by her creativity; she’s very driven in her writing,” says Hollie Benson, Replogle’s mother. Replogle’s creativity goes beyond the page and starts inside her mind. “I wanted to know what happened next, and I didn’t necessarily know what was going to happen next. I ended up telling parts of my story to myself before I wrote them down,” notes Replogle. This style of writing is often described as pantsing, where one’s words simply fly by the seat of their pants onto the page without hesitation. Pantsing allows for creativity to blossom as writing directly from your mind to the page which allows for a state of flow to take over.

What makes Secrets of the Silver Fox process different from other books, is how it came to be. Alison Genter, who is mentioned on both the first page of the book and the acknowledgments, is the woman who volunteered to type the entire book out. Replogle and Benson had sought out someone to help type the handwritten pages – all 285 of them. Replogle read her written pages while Benson recorded her spoken word, then sent off the recordings to Genter to type. In Replogle’s own words, “I can’t believe how fast you are and how you manage to turn my voice into words with hardly any errors. It’s like magic.”

Just like any great author, Replogle has authors who inspire her. “My Aunt Luisa is an author, and she has written and published some poetry books. As for authors… I really love the Redwall books by Brian Jacques… The Warrior Cat books by Erin Hunter and The Very Nearly Honorable Pirate League by Caroline Carlson are probably my favorite books.” Replogle even has a thank you note to the author of the Redwall Series written by Brian Jacques on both the first page of her book and in the acknowledgments at the end. When Replogle finally finished her book, she recounted feeling, “Extremely excited, and proud!” Though she loves writing fiction, she also has a fondness for poetry. Replogle’s next project is a work of poetry. She’s collected poems she’s written and will write a few more to complete the book.

If there is anyone who wishes they could write a book or has thought about writing one, Replogle has offered her seasoned wisdom, “It doesn’t matter how old or young you are if you have a story to tell, tell it!”


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