MCC’s Volleyball Team Makes History!

Jayhawks on their way to Region XII finals

Aaron Petersen, Contributing Writer

The women’s volleyball team has seen nothing but success throughout the regular season, going 14-0 overall, 10-0 in conference play, and an impressive 7-0 record on the road. En route to their 3-0 victory in the first round of the playoffs over Oakland Community College, team captain Megan Crowley was able to give her input on how they’ve put it all together.

“My biggest motivation leading up to this point would be our record,” said Crowley. “We are the only MCC volleyball team in history to go undefeated during the regular season. As we kept winning games throughout the season, we wanted to keep that undefeated streak going, so I would say remaining undefeated kept me motivated to work even harder in practice each day.”

The Jayhawks lead the MCCAA in total points scored in the regular season with 948 in total. The next closest by comparison in that category was Glen Oaks Community College, with 881 overall.

“As a team, we play with such an outstanding court presence,” Crowley explained. “The hitters on our team hit like nobody else in the conference, which makes me thankful they are on my side of the net and not the other. We bring an immense amount of energy to each game and we all get excited for one another.”

Head coach Rick Rykse throughout his tenure at MCC has accrued an overall record of 67-9 at home since he arrived in 2010. Under his guidance, 22 players have been selected First-Team All-Conference.

“Our coaching staff has helped us in numerous ways to get to where we are in the season right now,” said Crowley. “They push us every single day in practice and they constantly remind us that we have to prove ourselves. Obviously, they are very happy with how successful we have been this season, but they know that we can get better each day.”

The Jayhawks will face rival Grand Rapids Community College in the Region XII finals Friday, March 2, at 5:30 pm, at MCC. Having beaten the Raiders on three separate occasions in the regular season, Crowley feels confident in her team’s ability to take care of business.

“We are all so eager to keep winning and we definitely don’t want our season to end anytime soon,” said Crowley. “I believe we are prepared to go into the playoffs for any team that we meet, and we will bring our best to each game no matter what.”