2022 Creative Writing & Art Contest Winners Announced

The winners of the 2022 Creative Writing and Art Contest have been announced. The categories included first, second, and third place for Fiction, Poetry, Artwork, and Photography. Shauna Hayes, English instructor at MCC noted there were fewer entries for the contest in years past, although more than in the fall.

“It’s probably the pandemic,” Hayes added. “There’s not a lot of kids on campus and it (the contest) doesn’t translate as well online.” Hayes noted there will be categories for both artwork and photography from now on, extending the contest to MCC artists and photographers.

Winter 2022 Creative Writing Contest Winners 


1st place – “The Illusionist” by Taylor Strand

2nd place – “Put your Hand on my Shoulder” by Lasasha Sharpe

3rd place – “Hue is it?” by Natalie Bradfield


1st place – “Acquaintance, Classmate, or Friend…” by Gemillia Williams

2nd place – “Woman” by Karolina Johnson

3rd place – “A Hand to Hold” by Candice Kirkendoll


1st place – “Calamitous Night” by Calandra Bungart

2nd place – “Affection” by Rebecca Kinney

3rd place – “Black and White” by Gypsy Bates


1st place – “All in a Row” by Sandra Stoner

2nd place – “Cold Waves” by Leah Johnson

3rd place – “Blue Flowers” by Madison Bloom