Riding His Way to the Top

Former MCC student nominated for Lansing’s Best Food Delivery Service


Lance Klemple, Contributing Writer

A bright red bike zips through the streets of Lansing, ducking into local restaurants, companies, and even the state Capitol. When Lansing’s community sees that red bike, they know Jeremy Hurt, owner of Red Bike Delivery, is dishing out the best food in town. So, it was no surprise when Lansing’s, The City Pulse, nominated Hurt for Best Food Delivery Person.

“To see the support that I have, when those votes come in, that’s when you see that they have been there the whole time,” said Hurt with a smile. “It’s nice to see some positive things in the paper with my name attached to them and know that I am creating those things.”

Hurt began his business through a community program called One and All run by the Lansing Economic Area Partnership (LEAP). This program allowed him to thrive by offering classes on business, marketing, and entrepreneurship. After he completed his mentorship at LEAP, he received $2,500 to pursue his own business.

“The connections you make, the relationships you build through it – are way more beneficial than the money,” Hurt explained.

To him, a strong community is why local businesses and the economy prosper. Hurt takes on a positive attitude, feeling confident that the key to wealth is through supporting others. “If we build our communities up, we won’t have to worry about the businesses. The businesses will take care of themselves.” He also does his share of showing support to people throughout Lansing.

“I try to work with as many people as I can, regardless of what job they have or what business they run. If they are in different fields of work, we are still in the same community,” Hurt said with enthusiasm.

Hurt originally came to Muskegon with his sister before moving to Lansing. He attended Muskegon Community College, making him another successful Jayhawk.

“I had the opportunity to go back to school and after a 20 year-long summer vacation, took some classes. I went full-time and I did really, really well,” he said, “I wanted to learn, I wanted to do well, and it showed through my grades.”

With so much passion for his business and community, Hurt said he would feel humbled by winning the Top of the Town award. In his heartfelt words, “A strong community is the foundation for everything.”

To vote for Jeremy Hurt this year for Best Food Delivery, follow the link below. Voting begins on Oct. 13 at midnight.