Questions and Concerns: Inside MCC’s Student Town Hall Meeting

Dontae Parsons-Love, Contributing Writer

On September 23, a student Town Hall meeting took place at Muskegon Community College. The objective of the meeting was to expand upon and gain student input for the institution’s five-year plan that spans through 2026. The meeting was held via Zoom, and was hosted by Dr. John Selmon, Provost and Executive Vice-President of MCC. Other notable speakers in the meeting included Dr. Kelley Conrad, The Vice President of Academic Affairs, and Sally Birkham, Dean of Student Success and Campus Life.

Dr. Selmon started the meeting off by stressing what MCC aspires to do and what the purpose of these town hall meeting are.

“We are aspiring to be the best because our students deserve the best” he said.

Over the course of the meeting, Dr. Selmon asked a series of questions that included polls so that students could vote on their answers. One of the first questions that Dr. Selmon asked students in attendance was “How would you rate your overall experience at MCC so far?” The result of the poll was that 50 percent of the student who voted said that their MCC experience has been excellent and 50 percent said that their experience has been mostly good.

Another poll result was when students were asked how welcome they feel at MCC. The result of the poll was that 75 percent of students voted that MCC has been very welcoming and 25 percent voted that they feel somewhat welcome at MCC.

Another topic that was briefly discussed during the meeting was the strategic academic plan that MCC will implement starting in 2022. This plan will aim to increase enrollment and promote student success and will be in place until 2026. Most of the ideas for the plan will be framed out in the month of October.

Dr. Selmon concluded the meeting by reiterating what MCC’s goal is.

“We are serious about aspiring to be the best, enhancing the student experience helps us grow and learn,” he said. “The most important input, is student input.”