MCC President Dr. Nesbary to Retire in 2022

MCC President Dr. Nesbary to Retire in 2022

Lance Klemple & Aaron Petersen, Contributing Writers

After a long, successful career at Muskegon Community College, President Dr. Dale Nesbary has decided to retire for the upcoming 2022 school year. His departure leaves many a heavy heart.

“I am going to miss working alongside him,” said Dr. John Selmon, Provost and Executive Vice-President of MCC. “Seeing him on campus, and his friendship and mentorship. We have worked together for a long time. He established MCC as a leader college here in West Michigan and around the state.”

Since his hiring in 2009, Dr. Nesbary has overseen $55 million in renovations to MCC’s multiple facilities to create the best experience possible for upcoming and current students. MCC has secured more than $20 million in grants and private gifts during his tenure. He has also been able to raise the ranking for MCC from 3rd community college in the state to 1st for the last two years consecutively.

“The institution will miss the personal connections and relationships that he has developed over the past 13 years,” said Dr. Selmon. “He has an incredible ability to connect with employers, students, and other community partners. He is always willing to listen and help students.”

Dr. Nesbary’s tenure as president will go down in MCC’s illustrious history as the second-longest since its inception in 1926. With 13 years under his belt at MCC, he is second only to Allen G. Umbreit who served 27 years.

“He is the face of MCC throughout the state of Michigan at every important educational forum, meeting, board, event, fundraiser,” explained Becky Evans, Department Chair and Professor of English and Communications. “You name it and he’s there enthusiastically supporting MCC and Muskegon.” With Evans being so involved with the English and Communications Department, she nods to Dr. Nesbary’s helping hand. “Dr. Nesbary has brought countless important initiatives to the college, many in support of the Arts and Humanities at MCC and the West Michigan community.”

Even though he is retiring from his college career, Dr. Nesbary still plans on making the most out of retirement by playing trombone and getting into politics. “I got this horn back here,” Dr. Nesbary said, pointing towards a shiny bass trombone. “My entire career, I’ve played professionally. When I retire, I’ll spend a little bit more time with that.” As for getting involved with his political side, Dr. Nesbary plans on getting serious. “I’ll probably spend a lot more time in elective politics,” he said. With confidence, he added, “I’ll guarantee I’ll do a lot more once I pull out of this position. In what form, I’m not sure. But that is definite.”

Though we will be losing Dr. Nesbary at the end of this school year, MCC has gained over a decade of great leadership and countless impactful moments for everyone at our college.

“A sincere thanks and deep appreciation of gratitude for hiring me ten years ago to be part of this incredible journey,” said Dr. Selmon, leaving Dr. Nesbary with an appreciative message. “I wish him and his family the best as he turns the page and starts the next chapter in his life.”